The objects of the Club are:-

Additionally, we provide ongoing annual support for the North of England Under 12 Tournament and the South of England Six-a-Sides.

So why not join us, keep in touch, and help support the growth of lacrosse.


Founded in 1954, we can look back with modest pride that we have:-

  • Fostered good fellowship amongst all its members
  • Encouraged lacrosse in many pioneering ways
  • Started the first coaching schemes
  • Led the early developments into schools
  • Provided equipment for the first junior clubs
  • Carried out public relations campaigns
  • Maintained good relationships with the national press
  • Started links with the CCPR and Sports Council
  • Held prestige social functions
  • Arranged receptions for touring teams
  • Donated trophies and medals for special lacrosse events
  • Instituted the annual Centurion Awards for Service to Lacrosse