Buckhurst Hill Lacrosse Club History - November 1937


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CLUB HISTORIES No. 1 : Buckhurst Hill Lacrosse Club

At the commencement of the present century, Essex Lacrosse was represented by Snaresbrook and Woodford. A few years before the war these two clubs had difficulty in maintaining two teams each and decided to amalgamate and run three teams. This was done, the one remaining continuing as Woodford. The Woodford third team contained a number of young enthusiasts who found difficulty in accommodating themselves in a third team and felt that it would be better again to form a second club in the county. This they did with the assistance of a few other enthusiasts by breaking fresh ground and making arrangements with the Buckhurst Hill Cricket Club to use their headquarters. They commenced activities on their own in 1912/13 season. Their original intention was to call the Club the Forest Lacrosse C1ub, but instead they amalgamated with the Cricket Club, the official name, as it stands, being the Buckhurst Hill Cricket and Lacrosse Club. Great assistance and encouragement was given by the cricket secretary A. Needham-Wilson. O1d players will recall with interest the names of some of the original members. S. G. Hough who was always making efforts to spread the game, did all he could to encourage the success of the new club and his three sons, S. H., A.D. and later, C. W., assisted in giving them a good start. W. Jefferies, so well known in the Bristol district, was then in London, and although he had almost given up an active part in the game, he joined Buckhurst Hill and played coverpoint for them for the two pre-war seasons. The brothers Sudell - one of whom was killed in the war - L. Ashbridge, S. Bonner, F. Miles, H. Chaldicott, and G. Houghton - the first secretary, also killed in the war, and C. Foot are names that still live in the memories of the older club members. Of these, L. Ashbridge has only recently relinquished his activities, having filled that very valuable post of second team captain and coach for a number of years, while C. Foot was last year elected to the post of captain of the club to celebrate his twenty-fifth year as a playing member. Another original member was H. Godin, the war robbing Lacrosse of a most promising player. In his second year only (i.e. 1913i 14) he marked such players as E. P. Jones with so much success that a successful career seemed assured.

Local interest in the new club was considerable and new recruits were not slow to present themselves. The two pre-war seasons were spent in the intermediate Division - by the only team then being run - and in 1913/14 they won the Intermediate Flag. Those who played in that final will not readily forget it. The game was against Catford II - a very strong junior side.

After 15 minutes play Catford led 5 - 0 : 15 minutes from time Catford led 10 - 6. Buckhurst Hill won, without extra time, 11 - 10. After the war Woodford were unable to restart and their few remaining active enthusiasts joined Buckhurst Hill who at once entered the senior division. A. D. Hough who had been elected at its start was re-elected Captain in 1919 and of the pre-war members S. H. Hough, S. Bonner, L. Ashbridge, C. Foot and C. W. Hough took their places with him. A. D. Hough remained captain until 1925 when Buckhurst Hill won the Senior Flags for the first time. The following season the club had C. W. Hough for captain and the Flags were won once again. Those who played for Bucks in those two seasons and in the preceding years will ever remember the confidence inspired in the whole team by the presence of A. G. Knott in goal and A. D. Hough in the homes. These two players each made seven consecutive appearances for the South against the North. Other players who have won their South cap from Buckhurst Hill are C. W. Hough, W. G. Yeoman, F. G. Moult, J. W. Stansfield and Matthew. It is also worthy to recall that that great player (and afterwards expert referee) A. W. Lavy joined Buckhurst Hill after the demise of West London and continued to play for them when most men are thinking about giving up golf. He was in both Flag winning teams, 1925 and 1926. Although for the past few seasons Buckhurst Hill have not appeared in any Flag finals they have supplied the entire Essex teams annually and have given any other home counties' team a good game. They hope to do so again 1937/38.