Centurion Award for Service to Lacrosse

1985Norman Barber, Bill Downes, Les Grainger, Peter Mundy
1986H.J. “Tommy” Tomkins, Bob Forrester
1988E. Stanley Thelwall TD, John Chester Yates
1989Ron Balls, Syd Rhodes, Vaughan Wilcock
1990John Buckland, Geoff Paulson
1991Keith Whitehead, David R. Withington
1992Brian Costello, Stan Smith
1993Michael Aspinall, Neil Crosby
1994Michael F. Dunham, Rick Purnell
1995William A. Baird
1996Alan Heath, Mike Nicholls
1997Alan Dyer, Peter Griffiths
1998Anthony Battersby, David Marsden
1999Peter Compton
2000Frank Tewson
MillenniumPeter Mundy, Mike Roberts
2002David Walkden, Gerald B. Wilson
2004David Shuttleworth, Rick Summers
2006Gordon Shumack
2008Nik Roberts, Ray Nash
2010Jonathan Cooper, Richard Ambler
2012Trevor and Barbara Rogers, Clive and Jan Perrin
2014Mick Chennell, Rick Griffith
2016Dan Funnell, Henning Schmidt