Join the Centurion Lacrosse Club

Clubs and local and national administrators have rightly taken over most of our pioneering ventures but we are always looking forward to new projects. We invite you, as one who has had much pleasure and enjoyment from lacrosse, to join us in the next stages of our work.

Our work is financed from the annual subscription of £40, or £10 for under 25s. However, our first objective is to keep members in touch with the contemporary game. You will automatically receive the Shooting String email from the English Lacrosse Association, as well as our own regular E-News about the activities of the Club, and of course this website has a range of information. You will be entitled to attend our functions at important matches and particularly at the House of Commons or the House of Lords to which we invite leading personalities from sport, politics and the media. In addition, when you join, you will receive a free club tie.

Importantly, the balance of your subscription will help to further lacrosse. Our current venture is to assist students starting lacrosse in their chosen universities.

So please join the club and keep in touch with lacrosse whilst helping others to enjoy the game as you have done.

You can download an application form, or of you can‘t open .docx files then download the PDF application form. Please print it out and complete it. Keep in touch and be a partner in the future of lacrosse. Please make your cheque payable to the Centurion Lacrosse Club and send it to the address shown on the form.

Thank you.