October 2007 Newsletter

Dear Member

It's October, so it must be the start of another lacrosse season. Not a particularly original opening, but true nonetheless. The start of a new season means the publication of the Centurion handbook, a copy of which accompanies this letter. Our first publication last year was well received and, at £1.50 a copy, represents good value for money.

The new season also brings with it new names, with Bristol City, Brighton Panthers and Cardiff Harlequins all playing for the first time in League South, and in League North Hull University, Leeds City and Liverpool are making their entry. In addition, there are clubs both North and South who have started second teams, which surely must strengthen these clubs and add to the game's depth.

Although the expansion in the Universities has slowed down, this season sees Lancaster, Leeds Metropolitan, Manchester Metropolitan, Northumbria and Sheffield Hallam all playing lacrosse. The game is now a recognized BUSA sport and it is hoped there will be an official BUSA league starting in the 2008/09 season. A spin off to all this university activity is the forming of some clubs by graduates in towns where they were attending university.

To summarise the men's game, there are forty-one clubs in the country, fielding 108 senior teams, 12 under-19 teams and 60 junior teams. There are 57 universities playing men's field lacrosse.

The Centurions have certainly played their part in helping this growth and, with your support, will continue to do so. At our last meeting we decided to give assistance to schools which are starting lacrosse. As we all know, the cost of taking up the game can be prohibitive compared to some other sports. Should this be a barrier to a school playing lacrosse, the Centurions will give what assistance they can.

That is a brief resumé of the lacrosse scene at the moment and an indication of where your subs are going.

The mention of subs is an appropriate opportunity to tell you, if you don't already know, that there is a change in the office of Hon Treasurer. Roger Okill, who has been the Hon Treasurer for 12 years, retired from the role at the Annual General Meeting in June. Our thanks to Roger for all the years of hard work he has put into the job and it is good that he is continuing to serve on the committee. Neil Forsyth, who is known to many of you and is an ex-President of the club, has taken over the job. Neil is a valuable addition to our committee.

Lacrosse is more vibrant than it has ever been, thanks in part to you, and with your continued support it will continue to expand.

Have an enjoyable season.


John Maynard