E News September 2010


The committee met at our new venue, The Market Porter in Borough Market on 7th September - a Tube strike day so numbers were a little thin on the ground. We reviewed the progress of the new initiatives we are supporting at Epsom, Glasgow, Hull, and Settlebeck School. We've also been advising Cambridge on setting up a fund raising trust.

A grant of 10 sticks, 10 pairs of gloves, and 10 helmets was made to Langley School in Norfolk where Guy Oclee-Brown is establishing men's lacrosse to build on his school's experience of mixed lacrosse. Hopefully, he'll soon have an under 19 side out competing against East Anglian club and university sides.

Funds remain limited so we have decided to continue to focus money only on development projects. As a result we shall not be making grants to maintain established clubs which need to be sustainable financially. Of course, we are always interested when clubs become involved in development projects. Clearly, established clubs are the best way to spread out sport.

Thanks were expressed to Andy Slaughter, who's recent run in the Great Yorkshire race raised over £400 for the coffers and he got a great personal time!

The next meeting is at The Market Porter at 6.30pm on 16th November 2010.



Former England player Mike Orme has started training with the kit provided and promises photos for future newsletters


We recently provided 16 sticks and pairs of gloves to Hull to start an 8-a-side league. Gareth Cornelius of Hull LC reports a great start to the project:

'The sticks and gloves arrived early last week, thank you very much. Meetings last week have now confirmed that we will be running a Hull Schools & Colleges Men's Lacrosse League.

At first it will be between 3 teams:
Wyke College
St.Mary's College 6th Form
Hull University Under 19s

Three events will be held at the end of each term, most likely at Hull University, quite possibly under lights on astro after another successful meeting I had last week. We are looking to expand the competition very quickly to include:
Wilberforce College
Hull College
Beverley Schools 6th Form Centre
Longcroft School
Cottingham High School

Off the back of this, we will also be running coaching courses aimed at those aged 16-19, which will benefit lacrosse programmes we will be running in primary schools and also at Key Stage 3.'


Things also progress well at the new Glasgow club. The gloves and helmets provided brought in over 20 new players to their first taster session and they now have support from Sport Scotland. They have an impressive website where you can view their thanks to The Centurions and the kit that we sent on.
[link removed as website no longer exists]

Centurion, Rob Powell, tells me that Glasgow Lacrosse Club was the first ever formed in the UK. What goes around comes around!


The annual round at universities of recruiting new players at Freshers' Fairs is under way. With the help of the European Lacrosse Federation we have provided a poster and with ELA help some DVD's of World Series games and World Series programmes. This is an area in which I hope we can do more to develop a worthwhile Fresher's Day pack of a DVD and posters in future years.


The second European club championship took place at Wilslow LC.

Final positions were as follows:

  1. Stockport (European Club Champions)
  2. Wilmslow
  3. Malesice
  4. Walcountian Blues
  5. Amsterdam (European Club Plate Winners)
  6. Cardiff
  7. Madrid
  8. Stirling Uni


It's pleasing that we've already spent a record sum on developing the game this year on some really worthwhile projects. It's your subs that make this happen so if you haven't paid them yet please get your cheque for £30 off to Neil Forsyth, 17 Dukes Ride, LEIGHTON BUZZARD, LU7 7JS.

That's all, Folks.