E News January 2011


Recently there's been lots of activity in the South West:


Centurion Geoff Fox, who has been helping our development efforts in the West Country, recently sent me this up date on Exeter University

“They did well enough last year to have the services of an American coach this year - the lad I was speaking with said that things have been transformed as far as training goes for both men's and women's squads. And, as I saw myself, they were pretty impressive in recent years anyway.

Now, though, the first training session of the week, for both groups, is ..... 7.30 am on a Monday morning. How would that have gone down at your club, Rob!? Even when I was at Oxford, you'd never have got our lot out at that kind of hour. As for Old Mancunians....

Incidentally, there was a feature on Exeter men's lacrosse in the Sports section of BBCTV Spotlight Southwest (daily news after the 6.00pm national news). At least four minutes' worth of action shots and interviews. Ironically, from my point of view, the game was between Exeter and Oxford, and Exeter won something like 8-2.

I also met a couple of first time players one Monday as they left practice. Both were passionate about the sport and just about to play their very first game for the university Men's Seconds. I asked the one with the American accent why he hadn't played in the States? 'Because I'm Swedish,' he said.

Great, isn't it?”


Tom Brunner from Marjons is starting a Plymouth club and already is working with local schools to start a junior development programme. The Centurions have sent a starter pack of ten sets of kit to help get this off the ground.


Building on the success of their new ladies' team, UWE is starting a men's team. The university is strong on sport and lacrosse enjoys support from the paid staff as well as a keen bunch of students. Another starter pack of ten sets of kit has been provided.

UWE in their new kit
UWE bedecked in their new kit


I received an update from David Grinter on Glasgow LC that we provided with kit at the start of the season.

“Happy New Year Rob!

We've been fairly successful over the past few months. Although we lost our first competitive game we have managed to win the two since then and sit a lofty second (of 5 teams) in the Scottish League. We have managed to recruit 15 new players (mostly 16-17 year olds) and the majority of our starting line up has only been playing since the end of August. We have managed to secure enough funding to expand our kit sets and we have our own goals finally (to go with the nets you purchased for us). All in all it's been a success and we're looking forward to the second half of the season. We want to get a few more players on board, finish the season strongly and get a few players in the Scotland Squad for the BNCs and the Northern Lights Cup in August. Oh, and it is good to know were the oldest club in the UK!”


The club has half a dozen boxes of documents on lacrosse history. We like to get theses catalogued and stored.


These will take place at The Blues on 16th April starting at 11.00am. There will be a barbecue and bar and spectators are welcome. We always need a hand with scorers and general admin. so if any one would like to help out please get in touch.


We've now spent a record £8,500 on developing the game this year on some really worthwhile projects. Our treasurer has recently written to a few members who haven't paid their sub yet. I you're one please get your cheque for £30 off to Neil Forsyth, 17, Dukes Ride, LEIGHTON BUZZARD, LU7 7JS.

That's all, Folks.

Rob Collinge