E News September 2011


As the seasons change lacrosse is back. I've just returned from the Bath 8's run by Centurion Jon Harrop for the Bath club. This year it was won by Stuttgart LC. This is the first win at the tournament for an overseas team. Travelling by way of Belgium and France in three camper vans the Germans played their way across Europe. There was some real excitement as Stuttgart won both their semi-final and the final in Golden Goal overtime. Another great start to the season from Bath.



We've just sent a set of sticks to the Clacton Coastal Academy were newly qualified teacher Ben Parkes has just arrived. Ben already has his eye on two other local schools joining in. The Colchester club, the university, the new Centurion equipped, Norwich club and UAE are now all active so this timely move into schools could well mark the start of an EAMLA!

Chester and Derby Universities

Ten sets of kit are now with the new Chester University side. Helmets have been customised to club colours courtesy of UKLacrosse and Warrior. At Derby the Athletic Union is keen to see lacrosse form part of their sports programme. At both sites the ELA is supporting serious recruitment around Fresher's Day. If we can build enough interest at Derby then another starter kit will be on the way.

Lancaster University

Centurion, Mike Orme now has the initiative to bring lacrosse to Settlebeck School in Sedburgh well under way and I've attach some photo's of his boys' first games in the kit that we donated. He's now volunteered to help revive the game, by coaching, at Lancaster University. We will be jointly funding equipment with the Athletic Union.

Falmouth University

Funded entirely by the university Falmouth has joined the growing West Country lacrosse hub. We now have MarJons, Plymouth University, Plymouth club, Exeter and Falmouth University playing with UWE, Bristol University, Bristol club, Bath, Cheltenham, Cardiff and Swansea,  by Southern standards, as near neighbours. SWEMLA may stage a rebirth?

Working closely with the ELA's development team there are a number of other initiatives under way so hopefully as the months go by we can report more break throughs in growing the game. We are hoping to support those keen to create more women's, and joint men's women's clubs. Watch this space.


There are a couple of initiatives running on this. Tim Lowe, ex-Mellor, is hoping to edit a history of the clubs. The Centurions are hoping to get our archive into shape. We're looking for a small office to the West of London we could use for a couple of months to sort through all our papers. If anyone knows of anything cheap and cheerful please let me know.

Ian Henderson's impressive 100 page History of Lee LC, that I recently distributed, is now available on our website for anyone who had difficulty down loading my email.


The Centurion handbook returns in e form! Dave Slaughter is loading our annual handbook onto the website. It includes full details of all clubs and the North and South fixtures (or at least it will - NEMLA fixtures have only recently been received.) It's in an easy to print off format and if you'd prefer a pukka printed copy this can be arranged on the site at your own cost.


Subscriptions have flowed in well this year. Thank you. But if you haven't got round to sending off that cheque for £35 please do so to our treasurer, Neil Forsyth, 17 Duke's Ride, LEIGHTON BUZZARD, LU7 7JS.

We are eager to expand membership so we can increase the resources available to support lacrosse. Membership forms are on the website. Let's try and get more folk involved.

Have a fun season.

That's All Folks!