SEMLA Six-a-Sides 2013

The Six-a-Sides Tournament again took place at Walcountian Blues Ground in Woodmansterne. The weather was kind.

Entries were received from only 3 Senior sides, 7 Intermediate and 8 Minor sides. Unfortunately Spencer withdrew from the Senior and Intermediate competitions, and following the road accident involving their team Purley had to withdraw from the Senior. As a result East Grinstead were Senior champions before the first face. EG played a number of friendlies against Intermediate opposition during the day.

The schedule provided for a minimum of 4 matches for all the entrants. Scheduled over three pitches around 40 games were arranged.

There continues to be very little interest in travelling to the tournament from the Western teams.

Each pitch was provided with two referees.

My thanks are due to Michael Baird who volunteered to continue the tradition of faultless administration, and also to The Walcoutian Sports Association for the ground arrangements and the catering.

The results of the Finals were:

SeniorEast GrinsteadUncontested
IntermediateMaidstone4v3Walcountian Blues
MinorLondon University3v2Milton Keynes

Sponsorship was received from Northern Soul Lacrosse, in addition to The Centurion Lacrosse Club. The Centurion LC is able to donate the £675 surplus they made on the tournament to SEMLA. Referees fees were paid by SEMLA.

I believe that the tournament was enjoyed by all who were there. However, it continues not to be supported by the clubs in the West divisions and received few Premiership entrants. Fixtures pressure caused by tournaments and league games scheduled for early season being moved to the end of the season to suit clubs combining with poor weather mid season to make the end of season a difficult time to run a tournament.