November General Committee Minutes

Minutes of the General Committee of The Centurion Lacrosse Club held on 17th November at The Market Porter Public House, Stoney Street, London SE1.

Present: David Marsden (President), Ron Balls, Henry Collinge, Neil Forsyth, Denis Hanks, Peter Mundy, Roger Okill, Steve Williams, Rob Collinge (Secretary).

  1. APOLOGIES were received from Clive Beaumont, Dennis Hanks, John Maynard, and Geoffrey Wilkinson

  2. MINUTES of the General Committee meeting held on 1st September 2015 were approved as a record of the statements made at the meeting.




    1. SEMLA had agreed a budget of £600 to fund a referee training programme at BluesFest2016 so funding will not now be requested from The Centurions.
    2. Successful members’ lunches had taken place in both the north at Davyhulme Golf Club and the south at The Market Porter, with around two dozen attending each event.
    3. No progress had been made with discussions between UKVI and the ELA regarding the LDO programme.

    The Treasurer submitted a report on the current financial position. Assets now stood at £4,107. Expenditure to date was £8,799 and income £8,762.

    Subscriptions were coming in well with very few still outstanding.


    A successful lunch had taken place at Davyhulme Golf Club. A further lunch was planned at Boardman & Eccles on 21st February.


    1. Dundee and Perth University. A dozen ladies sticks had been provided to support new clubs playing ladies and mixed lacrosse at both universities. Both hope to include the men’s game next season.
    2. Robert Gordon University. Robert Gordon University Aberdeen has started a mixed side with AU support. They have 40 members. We have provided a set of sticks to support this. They are also running a men’s training session in conjunction with Aberdeen City LC with a view to entering BUCS next season. We have provided a set of men’s sticks to support this and indicated that we will consider the provision of helmets and gloves should the venture prove a success. The AU has provided goalie gear.
    3. Plymouth University LC and Plymouth City LC. These clubs both play on the university astro pitch. The cost of laying down lacrosse markings is £800. The clubs have raised £ 600 and to allow the project to proceed funding has been raised through SELET to complete the project.
    4. Salford University. A full set of kit has been provided to start a men’s side which will be coached by Dave Ellwood.
    5. Edinburgh University. Edinburgh University applied for support to expand their operations. They already have enough basic kit for two teams but were requesting arm pads and other additional kit. Their request was not supported but we received an e mail thanking us for our involvement.
    6. South Wales. Note from Ray Nash:

      “For information. Thanks to Centurions and SELET and your help we have 32 sets of kit out on loan to various Welsh unis.

      I am working on other sources to add to the balance we still have with SELET.”

    7. Northern Ireland. The club had successfully supported expansion in both Scotland and Wales but seen no activity in Northern Ireland. The secretary was asked to contact the Irish Lacrosse Association to make known our interest in developing lacrosse throughout the UK.

    With 20 new members this year recruitment was going well. The secretary was asked to circulate our next e news to clubs to increase awareness of The Centurions activities and request new members.


    The first meeting had taken place of the new playing committee uniting the organisation of the men’s and women’s games. A second meeting is imminent. The roles of the various organisations with the game may undergo change. It was agreed that it was appropriate for the club to remain affiliated to the ELA directly rather than through a sub organisation or organisations.


    Henry Collinge reported on progress with our Facebook page. We now had 384 ‘friends’ and have raised the club’s profile amongst younger players. Analysis of our friends’ profiles shows them to be mainly male, and under 25.

    We are posting reports of Centurion activity and maintaining interest in our page as well as raising awareness of the club.

    It was agreed to seek nominations for the Stan Smith Award and The Centurion Award through the page.


    Geoffrey Wilkinson was organising the nominations process. It was agreed to seek nominations from clubs as usual but to also seek nominations direct through Facebook. Nominations should have the support of two proposers.