62nd Annual General Meeting

Minutes of the 62nd Annual General Meeting of The Centurion Lacrosse Club held at The Market Porter Public House, Stoney Street, London SE1 on Tuesday 24th May 2016.

Present: David Marsden (President), Ron Balls, Clive Beaumont, Henry Collinge, Neil Forsyth, Denis Hanks, John Maynard, Peter Mundy, Rob Collinge (Secretary).

  1. APOLOGIES for absence were received from Geoffrey Wilkinson, Geoff Fox, John Debden, Douglas Hague, Roger Okill, Rick Purnell, Dick Renfro, Bob Shepstone, Alan Dyer, Gerry Paine, Rick Summers, Steve Williams, Roger Okill, Vic Porter, Michael Shaw, Gary Arnot, and Donald Munn.

  2. MINUTES of the Annual General Meeting held on 2nd June 2015 were approved.


    We have continued to support new university sides. Over the season we have provided help or equipment to support new developments with grants of kit in Sussex, Plymouth, Stoke, Dundee, Perth, Robert Gordon University Aberdeen, and Salford. Working with the South of England Lacrosse Educational Trust we have topped up the funds raised at Plymouth University to mark out their astro pitch which is used by the university and Plymouth LC.

    The SELET trust is the only registered lacrosse charity and has enabled The Centurions to receive Gift Aid on donations from individual members to support our work. We continue to work with the ELA to establish a national lacrosse charity to increase funding for the game.

    Contact has been made with the Irish Lacrosse association to explore the possibilities to support lacrosse in Northern Ireland.

    The referee training course at BluesFest, which we sponsored, proved very successful and going forward is being funded by SEMLA.

    We also sponsored the refereeing at the North v South Masters game at Milton Keynes LC where the opportunity was again taken to involve young referees to help develop their skills. Thanks are due to Mark Buckley – British Forces Official of the Year for supporting this.

    Northern Soul sponsored a place at the Wilmslow Junior Training Camp which was awarded to Sam Peacock. The Stan Smith Award was awarded to Tracy Woodall and Jacqui Hicks for their work with southern juniors. A Facebook page was launched with a competition sponsored by UKLacrosse to attract younger players. This was won by Paul Milner, the captain of Reading LC.

    On the technology front, we successfully launched our Facebook page and we now have 411 ‘Friends’ who are mostly young lacrosse players under the age of 25. We also revamped our website to update it to modern technological standards. Thanks are due to Henry Collinge and Dave Slaughter for making the techy stuff happen.

    The House of Lords dinner is to take place on the Terrace and in the Cholmondeley Room on 24th June 2016.

    Thanks are due to the ELA for a grant of £3,000. We continue to work closely with the Association’s Development Officers to gain maximum leverage on our investments in new clubs, schools, and universities. Following changes to ELA structure we are now affiliated to it at the national level.

    The SEMLA Six a Side tournament was again organised by The Centurions at Reading’s ground.

    This year twenty two new members joined the club in part due to the expanding social programme with successful lunches being held at The Market Porter in London and at Davyhulme Golf Club


    The report showed a surplus of £1.346.18 for the year and a current balance of £5,490.42. Our development partnership with the ELA was working well with £5,587 of equipment grants having been made to new ventures.

    The accounts were adopted.


    President: David Marsden

    Hon Secretary Rob Collinge

    Hon Treasurer Neil Forsyth


    In addition to previous presidents, the following members were elected: C. Beaumont, H. Collinge, H. Schmidt, R. Okill, D. Slaughter, and S. Williams.


    The following members were elected David Marsden, Alan Dyer, Ken Haves, and Tony Pugh.


    Amit Biswas had agreed to continue in this role but given his location in Albania for the present, it was agreed to attempt to find a new auditor.


    It was agreed that our main objectives remained:

    • To organise social events to engage the membership eg. Our House of Lords Dinner, Golf days, lunches, canal trips.
    • To support the expansion of the number of teams at university clubs.
    • To continue to support new club and university sides.
    • To support the training of referees and coaches in the universities.
    • To look for opportunities to develop school lacrosse.
    • To support veterans lacrosse.
    • To provide a process for new graduates leaving university to continue in the game.

    A number of suggestions were made to support these aims:

    • Continue to publicise the club and improve our visibility to lacrosse players.
    • Arrange a lunch at the Men’s World Championships.
    • Target players over age 35 for membership as they retire from the game.
    • Identify existing members’ former clubs to see if they can act as recruiters of their successors in the clubs.
    • Provide quality international coaching sessions. Neil Forsyth to assess the viability of this.
    • Continue to organise member lunches in the north and south. There was a feeling that not always having a speaker would be a good idea to allow more space for members to converse. A new organiser is needed for the southern lunch.