May General Committee Minutes

Minutes of the General Committee of The Centurion Lacrosse Club held on 24th May 2016 at The Market Porter Public House, Stoney Street, London SE1.

Present: David Marsden (President), Ron Balls, Clive Beaumont, Henry Collinge, Neil Forsyth, Denis Hanks, John Maynard, Peter Mundy, Rob Collinge (Secretary).

  1. APOLOGIES were received from Roger Okill, Steve Williams, and Geoffrey Wilkinson.

  2. MINUTES of the General Committee meeting held on 13th January 2016 were approved as a record of the statements made at the meeting.


    A letter of thanks had been received from Tracy Woodall regarding her receipt of the Stan Smith Award which she has invested in new reversible tops for her club. Jacqui Hicks is yet to be contacted.


    1. The secretary had contacted the Irish Lacrosse Association drawing to its attention to our interest in supporting lacrosse development in Northern Ireland.
    2. Peter Rawsthorne had written to the club requesting our input to the National Lacrosse Committee’s review of volunteer awards. The secretary was asked to respond summarising arrangements for The Centurion Award and The Stan Smith Award.
    3. The England U19 teams had written requesting financial support. Each member of the team has to fund £4,000 to cover costs as no central funding is available. Elite lacrosse is not one of the club’s areas for support but given U19 lacrosse aids youth development the secretary was asked to circulate the members drawing attention to the team’s crowd funding internet page.

    The Treasurer submitted a report on the current financial position. Assets now stood at £10,664. Expenditure to date was £5,174 and income £10,167. The largest item is the income from the dinner which had yet to be passed to the Lords. Subscriptions were coming in well. Both Buckhust Hill and Walcountian Blues owed money for their entries to the Sixes.


    This year’s Centurion Awards had been made to Dan Funnell and Henning Schmidt and would be presented at the House of Lords Dinner. There had been a disappointingly low number of nominations for this year’s award and it was agreed to review the award. There may be an opportunity to co-ordinate with changes to volunteer awards by the ELA.


    The President and Denis Hanks had met with Lord Addington to discuss his hosting the event on the night. Around 80 members will be in attendance. Some late charges had been levied on the club by the House of Lords which we have no choice but to pay. This will result in a loss to the club of around £500 on the event.