November General Committee Minutes

Minutes of the General Committee of The Centurion Lacrosse Club held on 2nd November 2016 at The Market Porter Public House, Stoney Street, London SE1.

Present: Ron Balls(In the chair), Neil Forsyth, Peter Mundy, Rob Collinge (Secretary).

  1. APOLOGIES were received from Clive Beaumont, Henry Collinge, David Marsden, John Maynard, Geoffrey Wilkinson, and Steve Williams.


    Ron Balls reported briefly on Roger’s funeral which was well attended by members.

  3. MINUTES of the General Committee meeting held on 13th September 2016 were approved as a record of the statements made at the meeting.




    1. Women’s World Championship.

      We are liaising with the Championship’s organisers to arrange a Centurions lunch at the venue in Guildford on a day that England will be playing.

    2. Greenwich University.

      The sports organiser at the university has shown interest in starting BUCS lacrosse sides. We have organised a meeting at the university with Gabbi Simmonds the new ELA South East development officer to move this forward.

    3. Castle Newhan School Bedford. A new teacher at the school plays for Hitchin LC. His partner, who plays lacrosse, also teaches at the school. They wish to start girls and boys junior lacrosse. There is the possibility of support from Bedford sports partnership and the Hitchin club. We have organised a meeting with Gabbi Simmonds at the school, and the sports partnership to move this forward.
    4. Centurions Masters. Ian Ballantine has produced provisional costings and business plan together with a list of 140 contacts that have in the past expressed interest. It was agreed that The Centurions should support Masters Lacrosse. It was suggested that team members wear the socks of their own club.

    The Treasurer submitted a report on the current financial position. Assets now stood at £8,602. Expenditure to date was £9,939 and income £13,051.

    It was agreed to change the bank account name from Centurion Lacrosse Association to Centurion Lacrosse Club.

    UKLacrosse’s supply of discounted helmets had been exhausted and so cost of helmets will increase from £85 to £110 with further increases possible due to currency changes.


    A lunch had been organised at Davyhulme Park Golf Club on 30th October. Thirty four members and supporters attended and enjoyed a pleasant lunch. Thanks are due to David Marsden and the northern committee for organising this.


    1. Peter Mundy was working with Henning Schmidt and Henry Collinge to develop a business plan for a tournament to link universities and clubs.
    2. A discussion took place on the problems facing some southern clubs and in particular Croydon LC. It was difficult to see a role for the club in resolving this although SEMLA could devise a support strategy possibly involving loans of players between clubs.

    Attendance was looking sparse. It was agreed to organise the next lunch in the spring with a speaker. The secretary was asked to survey members for their views on the timing and format of lunches.


    Given the importance of recruiting to new members in enabling the club to carry out its objectives it was suggested that consideration be given to appointing a Membership Secretary.