Notice of The 2017 Annual General Meeting

The 62nd Annual General Meeting of the Centurion Lacrosse Club will be held at The Coach & Horses, 5 Bruton Street, London W1J 6PT on Tuesday 27th June 2017 at 6.30pm. Please note the new venue.

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Secretary's Report

We have continued to support new university sides. Over the season we have provided help or equipment to support new developments with grants of kit for Greenwich and Oxford Brookes Universities and St. Mary’s Twickenham, for Castle Newham and Glenalmond Schools and for Guildford Lacrosse Club. The Glenalmond development is particularly important as it is to be the centre for Lacrosse Scotland’s academy.

We are organising a Masters team to take part in suitable lacrosse tournaments. The first outing was at the SEMLA Six a Side competition where two sides were entered. The Centurions Optimates Masters won the Minor Tournament – our first trophy since we won the Intermediate Six a sides Tournament in 1958. Ian Ballantine is leading this initiative and we are looking at the possibility of entering a team the Men’s World Championship Festival in 2018.

The highlight of the social calendar was the House of Lords dinner. A lovely night for a drink on the terrace before the tour of the chamber and excellent food and wine in The Cholmondeley Room was enjoyed by all. Dan Funnell received the Centurion Award for his work as the Welsh team manager and Henning Schmidt for his work developing our game across Europe. Thanks are due to Lord Lee for sponsoring our booking and to Lord Addington who entertained us on the night.

We continue to meet for lunches North and South and the Northern Golf day has attracted over 30 members and guests.

Thanks to generous bequest from Roger Okill’s estate a small group of our members are establishing The Lacrosse Foundation as an independent national charity to support the growth of our game. More details will follow in due course.

The referee training course at BluesFest, which we sponsored, continues to prove very successful and going forward is being funded by SEMLA. This year the ELA intend to run a Level 2 refereeing course in conjunction with the event. The club also continues to sponsor the programme for Nick Kehoe Trophy formerly known as the British National Championships.

On the technology front, having successfully launched our Facebook we are now moving into video by supporting Phil Docherty of 231 Lacrosse. His work can be seen below:

The SEMLA Six a Side tournament was again organised by The Centurions at Reading’s ground.

Finally, remember that we can no longer meet in the evening at The Market Porter which provided us with facilities for many years. They are now opening an evening restaurant and so can no longer make the upstairs bar available. However, Denis Hanks has found us an excellent new home at The Coach & Horses, 5 Bruton Street, London W1J 6PT – excellent ales and sandwiches!

Rob Collinge