April 2017 General Committee Minutes

Minutes of the General Committee of The Centurion Lacrosse Club held on 11th April 2017 at The Coach & Horses Public House, Bruton Street, London.

Present: David Marsden (In the chair), Ron Balls, Clive Beaumont, Henry Collinge, Denis Hanks, John Maynard, Peter Mundy, Rob Collinge (Secretary).

In attendance from item 8: Ben Jessop.

  1. APOLOGIES were received from Neil Forsyth, Geoffrey Wilkinson, and Steve Williams.

  2. MINUTES of the General Committee meeting held on 2nd November 2016 were approved as a record of the statements made at the meeting.




    1. Nick Kehoe Trophy (formerly BNCs). We have agreed to sponsor again the progamme for the event. The cost is expected to be between £100 and £200.
    2. Centurions Masters. Ian Ballantine has started collecting expressions of interest for those who wish to join a Centurions Masters team at the 2018 World Championships. He also is entering two Centurions Masters Sixes in the SEMLA Six a Side Tournament.

    The Treasurer submitted a report on the end of year financial position. Assets now stood at £4,804. Expenditure for the year was £15,004 and income £14,318.

    It was agreed to remove four members in arrears by two or more years from the club.

    It was agreed to increase the club subscription by £5 to £40 a year.

    A grant of £500 was agreed to Phil Docherty to fund equipment for 321 Lacrosse video project.


    The secretary advised that Roger Okill had bequeathed half his estate to the lacrosse charity. The trustees were investing assets as received and were developing the charity as an independent lacrosse charity.


    A golf day had been organised at Davyhulme Park Golf Club on 21st April. Thirty-three members and supporters had signed up for the day. An engraved putter was to be awarded to the winner of what is intended to be an annual competition.


    1. Greenwich University. The new university side has been able to fund sticks. We have provided 10 sets of helmets and gloves.
    2. Castle Newhan School Bedford. A new teacher at the school plays for Hitchin LC. His partner who also plays lacrosse also teaches at the school. They wish to start girls and boys junior lacrosse. We have provided 40 sticks and balls to enable lacrosse sessions to take place in class. The South of England Lacrosse Educational Trust has provided a set of goals. We have indicated that we will consider further support if the wish to move forward from playing the junior mixed game.
    3. Glenalmond School. The school plays ladies’ lacrosse and now has a new coach - David Best – who is introducing the men’s game. The Scottish Lacrosse Association is developing the school as a centre for their lacrosse academy. We have provided 10 sets of helmets and gloves.
    4. Guildford LC. As the location of the Ladies World Championships Guildford is an attractive centre for developing the game. Surrey University is located in Guildford and has a strong side. There is a legacy programme for the championship supported by the ELA, the local council and the university. A number of girl’s schools in the area already play. With the support of the local council a number of boy’s schools are intending to try out the sport. The new Guilford LC men’s side had a successful first season winning East 3.

      We have been working with the club to encourage this development. Working with SEWLA we have provided the new ladies side with goalie gear and 10 sticks. The junior section applied for support from SEMLA. After three months of exchanges with interventions by John Maynard and then me no concrete support was offered only the possibility of a small grant. The club has raised funds for sticks and the parents are raising funding for gloves. We have provided goalie gear and 10 helmets and a stock of 5 pairs of gloves for the club to sell to new joiners.

    5. There was a discussion of ways to engage students with clubs. One possibility was to organise a Saturday tournament for university sides on Saturdays to encourage transition to playing at the weekend. Peter Mundy is to document a proposal.

    The date for the next lunch was discussed the 6th or 13th of June was suggested as May was thought to be too short notice. A speaker is needed to act as a draw. Matt Bagley ex England coach and current German coach was suggested.

  10. SIXES

    Nineteen sides had entered so far a stronger showing than in recent years with still a few days to go until entries close. As yet there had been no response from the SEMLA referees’ chair regarding the provision of referees. Denis Hanks is to source medals which will be charged to the fee income and the balance paid to SEMLA.


    We had received ten expressions of interest in attending a day at the tournament on the day England were to play Scotland. The secretary was asked to organise the outing.


    Meetings will continue at The Coach & Horses on 27th June (AGM), 5th September, and 7th November.