September 2018 General Committee Minutes

Minutes of the General Committee of The Centurion Lacrosse Club held on 11th September 2018 at The Coach & Horses Public House, Bruton Street, London.

Present: Ron Balls (In the chair), Neil Forsyth, Denis Hanks, John Maynard, Peter Mundy, Rob Collinge (Secretary).

  1. APOLOGIES were received from David Marsden, John Wigmore, and Steve Williams.

  2. MINUTES of the General Committee meeting held on 12th June 2018 were approved as a record of the statements made at the meeting.




    1. The secretary observed a box lacrosse session at Southern Box Lacrosse’s Bisley stadium. This appears to be a well run organisation.
    2. Inaugural Masters Tournament. As agreed we funded a trophy and provided 5 Centurion caps as awards. Twelve teams entered the tournament. A Centurions Grand Masters team was entered under the captaincy of Chris White. Costs of entry were met by the players. We came 5th overall being the highest placed Grand Masters side. It is intended that this now become an annual event.
    3. The annual North v South Masters game was cancelled as it was to be played on the Soccer World Cup Final day and unexpectedly it was possible that the England team might make the final.
    4. There is to be a Masters tournament in Limerick in July 2020 to coincide with the Under 19 World Championship. We are monitoring the costs with a view to entering a team.

    Assets now stood at £4,281.13. Subscriptions were a little slow coming and the treasurer would be contacting the defaulters.

    Peter Mundy had made a donation to the Stan Smith Fund to support the development of junior lacrosse.


    Arrangements for this year’s lunch on 21st October at Davyhulme Golf Club are gong well.


    Denis Hanks reported on the night. Ninety one members and guests attended. The dinner covered the costs of club guests and made a small surplus of £80. It seems that despite the renovations at the Palace of Westminster we shall be able to hold a dinner there in 2020. Denis was congratulated on providing a fine social evening.


    1. University of South Wales

      Ray Nash has asked for support to refresh the three sets of kit that he holds for use by universities in South Wales. £500 of kit has been provided.

    2. Nuneaton LC

      We have agreed to provide Nuneaton LC, a new club entered in the new Midlands league with a set of goals.

    3. Camden Capybaras LC

      Camden Capybaras are using a ground in Mill Hill previously used by UCL ladies. Although the ground comes with a set of goals, we have provided a set of goals nets at a cost of £175.

    4. University of Leicester

      The University of Leicester is an established side that has run into a kit management problem. The new management seem competent and have a plan to resolve issues going forward. We have provided 10 pairs of gloves to complete a basic set of kit.

    5. Oxford Academy

      We have donated £156 for the purchase of a new set of goal nets.

    6. Suffolk Schools.

      We have been approach to support a development in a group of schools in the Woodbridge area by Pete Silvester. He is a former Hitchin player who with his wife teaches near Woodbridge. Ian Ballantine lives nearby and has agreed to support the project. He is working with Pete on a business plan and costings. Ian believes that it will be possible to create a five school league in the area. He has some local funding and is drawing up his recommendations.

    7. There are also potential opportunities to grow the game at Middlesex University, and both Epsom and Hitchin junior sides. We need to look to closer collaboration with both SEMLA and The Lacrosse Foundation to maximise the effectiveness of our limited resources.

    Covered in the secretary’s report.


    Rob Ingham Clark was nominated to receive the award for his contribution to the development of junior and youth lacrosse. It was agreed to raise the level of the award to £250.

  11. A.O.B.

    1. John Maynard and Denis Hanks raised the issue of the club archives that they were storing. Rob Collinge is to discuss the future of the archive with England Lacrosse.
    2. The landlord of the Coach & Horses is moving to the Masons Arms in Maddox Street. He is checking bookings to see if he can accommodate us there (our preferred solution) otherwise we shall speak to the new landlord at the Coach & Horses to continue there.