E News November 2012


Although it is some time since the last newsletter your club has not been idle. I am still in transition between homes but the new flat is nearly ready and my new address is:

12 Walsingham
St. John's Wood Park
London NW8 6RG

Hopefully I'll now be able to spend more time on member communication!

Northern Committee

We are very pleased that we now have an active group on the ground in the North. David Marsden, Alan Dyer and Ken Haves organised a lunch that was attended by 34 members and friends. For too long we have lacked a Northern hub and I am excited by the prospect of Northern growth.

House of Lords Dinner

A little later in the year than usual to avoid the Olympic congestion in London we held a very successful - sell-out - dinner at the House of Lords sponsored by Lord Graham. A chance to chat to friend's, tour the Palace of Westminster, and enjoy a meal. The Centurion Awards were made to Trevor and Barbara Rogers and Clive and Jan Perrin both for their work as a family to develop the game.


The club again ran the SEMLA Sixes in the most appalling weather conditions. Mud up to the knees by the end! Around £700 was raised for SEMLA.


A busy programme so far this year as lacrosse continues to prosper:

Welsh Universities Development

We have supplied 14 helmets, 15 pairs of gloves, and 12 pairs of arm pads to the Welsh University development programme organised by Ray Nash. A half of the cost was met by the South of England Lacrosse Educational Trust through tax effecient donations raised by Ray.

In addition, the club has supplied Trinity College Carmarthen with 10 sets helmets, gloves, and arm pads, one of which for goalie use. The WLA has supplied sticks. Ray Nash is supporting this project as a part of the wider development plan for South Wales. Thanks are due to Warrior and to UK Lacrosse who in order to supply equipment promptly provided upgraded equipment at our usual price.

Worcester University

The club has provided 15 sticks and 12 balls to enable the club to practice. Lacrosse is a module on the degree course and we are eager to encourage development of the game at Worcester.

Oxford University

The ELA has agreed to support the university employing a coach with a view to enhancing the university's involvement with lacrosse by re-establishing the Iroquois, starting a new ladies team, forming a more formal structure for inter college mixed lacrosse and working to develop lacrosse in local schools. They have also received substantial sponsorship from Neptune, an investment firm.

Oxford Brookes University

The club has agreed to support this development by providing 5 sets of sticks, helmets, and gloves to supplement the kit currently available.

Nottingham Trent University

The Athletic Union's Performance Sport Development Officer had requested support for equipment to expand the lacrosse activity to two BUCS teams for the coming season. In collaboration with the ELA the club had provided 10 sets of equipment to assist in expanding the lacrosse programme at Nottingham Trent. Plans are underway for them to expand lacrosse activity including a development officer next season. Chelmsford LC has donated a number of surplus pop sticks for use by the students in their schools programme.

Kingston University

The club had provided 10 sets of kit. The Athletic Union have purchased two sets of goalie equipment and 4 dozen balls. Last week I refereed their first BUCS game which they lost 19 to nil against Brunel, another Centurions supported team!

Chelmsford Club

We have indicated that we will consider supporting them when they find a ground.

Lincoln Club

The Lincoln development prospers. The university has men and women sides and includes a lacrosse module in their degree course including local schools. The Lincoln club, recently established with our support, is progressing and by working with the university is establishing a ladies club side. We have provided 10 sticks to progress this.

Newcastle University

After consultation with the Northern Sub-committee and in conjunction with the ELA the club had provided kit to support a second team at Newcastle University. A letter of thanks has been received from the club captain.

Surrey University

Centurion, Ian Ballantine is coaching the Surrey mixed team and attempting to engender interest in men's lacrosse.

Coventry University

Following a visit, we were impressed by their approach to developing a university side following a successful INTO Lacrosse programme and have provided a set of kit to support the venture.

All the Best!!